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10 Big Chinese Brands to Watch

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Beijing is pushing consumer spending in an effort to kick-start China’s economy


Here’s a look at tomorrow’s big beneficiaries.

by Kopin Tan, Barron’s

What 1.4 billion Chinese want

Shopping is still an unfamiliar pastime for the Chinese. Just a generation ago, Mao Zedong’s Communist government outlawed personal property and purged the land of private possessions.

These days, however, Beijing would like nothing more than for 1.4 billion Chinese to shop until they drop — or at least until its economy perks up.

It’s an unusual message for a communist regime: Materialism is the new patriotism.

As China tries to make consumption more conspicuous, Barron’s decided to window-shop for 10 publicly traded domestic brands that stand to prosper.

Make no mistake, many of the most popular brands in China right now are foreign. General Motors (GM) sells more cars there than in the United States. Products from Apple (AAPL) and Coca-Cola (KO) are as at home in China as they are in the West. But as China’s consumer class grows, the biggest beneficiaries will be its homegrown labels; by extension, their stock prices should also do well over time.

Now look at 10 top Chinese brands (presented in alphabetical order):

  • Baidu – internet search engine
  • China Mobile – telecom network
  • Great Wall Motor – SUV and truck maker
  • Haier – electronic appliances
  • Lenovo – computers
  • Li Ning – sporting goods
  • Moutai – alcohol drinks
  • Tencent – internet company
  • Tsingtao – brewery
  • Yunnan Baiyao – herbal medicines


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