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Five traits women look for in men

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“What do women want?”

That is such an age-old question it’s surprising that a crack team of scientists, anthropologists, matchmakers and psychologists haven’t answered the question once and for all. Still, there are some common traits that many women keep an eye out for when sizing up potential mate.

1. The funny stuff

There’s a reason why “a good sense of humour” has been listed so often on dating profile wish lists. Who doesn’t like a guy who can make people laugh? You don’t have to be a stand-up comic or someone who is always on, but the smarts associated with seeing the funny side of daily life and the confidence that comes with being able to laugh at yourself is always desirable. It’s such a must-have that in a Men’s Health survey of more than 1,000 American women “77 percent of women ranked a sense of humor as their number one must-have in a man, beating out intelligence, passion, confidence, and generosity.

2. Men who are men

There’s so much chatter about what it means to be masculine – does it involve growing a beard, swinging a hammer and drinking your whiskey neat? Ultimately, being a man isn’t about being macho. As E-Harmony suggests, it’s about being the type of guy who’s keen to act, who wants to do things. They explain that women gravitate towards men who “have a passion for life, enjoy their work and hobbies, and that know how to lead and take responsibility.”

3. Show her attention

Everyone wants to be heard – so guys who listen, remember and follow-up are guaranteed to have fans. As Ask Men notes, “if her hair is done nicely, it wasn’t a fluke. Women are very impressed and attracted to men who notice these details.”

4. Gotta have faith

Women are on the lookout for loyal lads. Unsurprisingly, trust is a big issue with women. They want to make sure their partners aren’t stepping out on them. In a Men’s Health study of the top traits women look for in men, 84% of women surveyed listed “faithful to me” as one of their top five characteristics.

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5. Body ratio

It’s hard to ignore the physical side of the attraction equation completely when it comes to relationships. The Daily Mail points to studies that suggest women prefer the looks of guys with V-shaped torsos (broader shoulder compared to waist size). In fact, both sexes see guys with a higher shoulder-to-waist ratios as more “physically and socially dominant.” Interestingly, women showed a preference for these men regardless of whether they were hoping for a long-time commitment or a shorter fling.

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