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Articles from Dr. Chauncey Crandall, M.D.:

About healthy heart, how to avoid heart attack and if still possible, to reverse heart disease.

  1. Take the First Step Toward a Life Free of Heart Disease
  2. Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for Success
  3. Seven Keys to Reversing Heart Disease for Life
  4. 7 Steps for Living Statin Free


Articles from Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.:

About avoiding cancer and if still possible, to reverse the cancer disease without chemotherapy and / or invasive surgery.

  1. Vaccinations: The Hidden Dangers
  2. Save Your Brain: Protect Yourself from the Ravages of Alzheimer’s and Other Diseases


Articles from Dr. David Brownstein:

Achieving and Maintaining Your Overall Health.

  1. Let’s Begin Our Journey to Your Good Health — Together!
  2. Exploding the Myths Around Salt and Your Health


Articles from Dr. George I. Traitses:

Various articles to improve your overall health.

  1. Benefits of Alkaline Water


Various Health & Green Articles:

Want to live a healthy and good life? Go on, read …

  1. Plant a green roof
  2. Green Your Energy
  3. Preventive Measure for Prevention of SARS infection

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